Hogan’s Killer Sharp – Innovative Cider Making

Introducing Hogan’s Killer Sharp!

A couple of years ago we rubbed shoulders with Allen Hogan at a Dublin trade fair to introduce Ireland to Hogan’s superb Dry & Medium Ciders, Hogan’s Vintage Perry and of course their Oak Aged Apple brandy.

While some of their branding may have changed since then, Allen’s commitment to proper cider making and tradition stays the same.

Well… almost!

Echoing innovative new techniques and classic practices within the craft beer world, Hogan’s have launched a series of innovative ciders aimed at showcasing their skills and broadening the appreciation of their beloved craft.

And as fans of Belgian Lambic and foeder beer ourselves, one of these innovative launches caught our attention right away!

We asked Richard Davies at Hogans, what their inspiration was behind their new sour cider “Killer Sharp”.

“Over the last 3 years, the market has been swamped with mass market products, ‘dumbed down’ with cheap, flavoured ciders made with concentrate and artificial sugars. We were looking for the best way to showcase our cider-making skills and maintain our reputation as a premium cider-maker without resorting to adding a quirky flavour or cutting corners with concentrate. We looked at what our friends in the craft beer world were doing with different yeast strains and unusual fermentation techniques (sours, barrel ageing, etc….) and decided to experiment.

We fermented a batch of fresh pressed cider apple juice with a strain of brettanomyces yeast (brettanomyces Bruxelles) to reflect the wild yeast used in the production of Lambic beers. The brettanomyces has the effect of ‘souring’ the cider and creating a unique ‘funk’ in terms of both aroma and taste. Unlike a ‘soured beer’ (where the sourness hits you ‘up front’) the sourness in Killer Sharp hits you at the back. It’s balanced by an initial sweetness, followed by a tannic dryness (from the cider apples).”

Richard goes on to explain that this base cider for Killer Sharp is completely different to their traditional range and they’ve got more exciting plans in place for additional experimentation towards the end of the year!

In the mean time, fans of sour beer and cider alike will get a kick out of Killer Sharp – Gold Medal Winner of Speciality Cider in the International Cider Awards held in Burton upon Trent in March 2017. A fresh, earthy and rebellious cider with a fierce and tangy soured apple edge. This is a feisty but proper cider with a twist for those brave enough to try something different. At 5.8% it’s delicately balanced, light and nuanced in flavour.

Ask for it now at all good independent off licences nationwide.