Following the huge success of flagship beer “Against The Grain”, it’s no surprise Wold Top Brewery have added another certified gluten-free beer to their list!

Scarborough Fair is a delicious Enlgish IPA, brewed from their own Yorshire Wold-grown malts and offers gluten-free drinkers a breath of hoppy air! Being farmers, it’s no surprise that much of Wold Top’s malt and water comes direct from their own farmlands, something only a handful of modern breweries can claim, as is the case with 12 Acres Brewery in Ireland. At 6% it’s also slightly higher abv and more flavourful, with a delightful citrus character and a mellow biscuit malt base, finishing with a dry, cleansing, bitter finish.

As with all gluten-free beers Wold Top’s Scarborough Fair is below 20 ppm of gluten and certified Gluten Free, as with their already well loved and long established Against The Grain Pale Ale. Look for it now in good independent off licences across Ireland. And if you’re local doesn’t stock it, feel free to get in touch and we’ll direct you to an outlet near you.