Diverse Product Range.

Beer is a wonderful product, which can equal and often surpass wine in its complexity, taste, flavour and appeal. With up to 150 Premium packaged beers in our range we’re sure to cater for all your needs across a diverse variety of beer styles, flavours, food pairing and countries of origin. We also have an expanding selection of unique Premium Draught products that offer an alternative to ‘plain ordinary’ mainstream beers. For tasting notes and a more detailed description of our beers please visit www.beerheaven.com, our online beer bible!

BreweryBeer NameBeer StyleABVCountry
Widmer BrothersWidmer HefeweisenAmerican Hefeweiss4.9Portland, Oregon, USA
Widmer BrothersRaspberry Imperial Russian StoutImperial Russian Stout9.3Portland, Oregon, USA
Widmer BrothersOld EmbalmerAmerican Barley Wine10.2Portland, Oregon, USA
Red Hook Red Hook Longhammer India Pale Ale6.2Seattle, Washington, USA
KonaBig WaveGolden Ale4.4Hawaii
KonaFirerockPale Ale5.9Hawaii
OmissionGluten Free Pale Ale5.8USA
OmissionGluten Free Lager4.6USA
Hop City Barking SquirrelAmber Lager5.0Canada
Hop City HopbotIndia Pale Ale7.1Canada
MooseheadMoosehead LagerPilsner5.0Canada
MooseheadMoosehead Pale AlePale Ale5.0Canada
Boundary AleAmber Ale5.3Canada
James BoagsJames BoagsHelles Lager5.0Tasmania, Australia
SteinlagerSteinlager PurePilsner5.0New Zealand
Speights Speights Gold Medal AleGolden Ale4.0New Zealand
Macs BreweryMac’s GoldGolden Ale4.0New Zealand
Macs BreweryMac’s Hop RockerCzech-style Pilsner4.8New Zealand
Macs BreweryMac’s Sassy RedRed Ale4.5New Zealand
Macs BreweryMac’s Great WhiteWheat Beer5.0New Zealand
Macs BreweryMac’s Shady PalePale Ale5.0New Zealand
Macs BreweryMacs BreweryMac’s Ginger BrewGinger Ale4.0New Zealand
Boon RawdSinghaThai Helles Lager5.0Thailand
Kirin IchibanKirin IchibanPilsner5.0Japan
Tsing TaoTsing TaoPilsner4.7China
Kompania PiwowarskaTyskieLager5.6Poland
Kompania PiwowarskaLechHelles Lager5.2Poland
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s & Friends Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.2Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s & Friends Stefan’s IPAIndia Pale Ale7.3Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s & Friends Jeff’s Bavaria AleWeizen Bock7.1Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s & Friends Chocolate BockChocolate Bockbier7.5Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s OriginalHefe Weisse5.2Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s KrystalKristal Weisse5.1Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s DunkelDunkel Weisse5.2Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryMaisel’s Alcahol FreeAlcohol Free Weisse Beer0.5Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryAktien OriginalHelles Lager5.3Bavaria, Germany
Maisel’s BreweryAktien ZwicklZwickl (Unfiltered Lager)5.3Bavaria, Germany
Bitburger GroupBitburgerHelles Lager4.8Bavaria, Germany
Bitburger GroupBenediktinerHefe Weizen5.4Bavaria, Germany
Bitburger GroupKoztritzerDark Lager4.8Kostritz
HogansHogan’s Dry CiderDry Cider5.8Warwickshire, UK
HogansHogan’s Medium CiderMedium Cider5.4Warwickshire, UK
De HughyeMongozo PilsnerGluten Free Pilsner5.0Belgium
De HughyeMongozo BananaBeer with Banana4.5Belgium
De HughyeMongozo CoconutBeer with Coconut3.6Belgium
De HughyeMongozo MangoBeer with Mango3.6Belgium
De HuygheFloris KriekCherry Beer3.6Belgium
De HughyeFloris PassionBeer with Passionfruit3.6Belgium
De HughyeFloris FramboiseBeer with Raspberry3.6Belgium
De HughyeFloris StrawberryBeer with Strawberry3.6Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans KriekLambic Beer with Cherries4.0Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans FramboiseLambic Beer with Raspberries4.0Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans StrawberryLambic Beer with Strawberries4.0Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans PecheLambic Beer with Peaches4.0Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans GueuzeGueuze Limbic5.5Belgium
TimmermansTimmermans FaroFaro Lambic4.0Belgium
ChimayChimay GoldTrappiste Blond Ale4.8Belgium
ChimayChimay Red / PremierTrappiste Dubbel7.0Belgium
ChimayChimay White / Cinq CentsTrappiste Tripel8.0Belgium
ChimayChimay Blue / ReserveTrappiste Quadrupel9.0Belgium
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenLa Trappe BlondeTrappiste Blond Ale6.5Holland
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenLa Trappe DubbelTrappiste Dubbel7.0Holland
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenLa Trappe TripelTrappiste Tripel8.0Holland
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenLa Trappe QuadrupelTrappiste Quadrupel10.0Holland
BosteelsKwakStrong Amber Ale8.4Belgium
BosteelsTripel KarmeliteBelgian Tripel8.4Belgium
De HughyeDelirium TremensStrong Golden Ale8.5Belgium
De HughyeDelirium RedStrong Fruit Beer8.5Belgium
De HughyeDelirium NocturnamStrong Dark Ale8.5Belgium
De HughyeDeliriaStrong Golden Ale8.5Belgium
De HughyeGuillotineStrong Hoppy Ale8.5Belgium
Het AnkerGouden Carolus ClassicStrong Dark Ale8.5Belgium
Het AnkerGouden Carous TripelBelgian Tripel9.0Belgium
Van SteenbergeSt. Stefanus BlondeStrong Blonde Ale7.0Belgium
Van SteenbergeGulden DraakStrong Dark Ale10.5Belgium
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak 9000Quadrupel10.5Belgium
Van SteenbergeCelis WhiteWitbier5.0Belgium
Van SteenbergePiraatStrong Golden Ale10.5Belgium
Van SteenbergePiraat Triple HopBelgian Tripel10.5Belgium
PalmPalmAmber Ale5.4Belgium
PalmEstaminetBelgian Pilsner5.4Belgium
PalmRodenbachFlanders Red Brown Ale5.2Belgium
RodenbachRodenbach Gran CruFlanders Red Brown Ale6.0Belgium
RodenbachRodenbach VintageMIXBelgium
RodenbachRodenbach AlexanderBelgium
RodenbachRodenbach Caractere Rouge
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenUrthel SaisonniereSaison/Wit6.0Holland
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenUrthel Hop-ItBelgian IPA9.5Holland
Brouwerij de KoningshoevenUrthel SamaranthQuadrium11.5Holland
DuboisoinCuvee de TrollStrong Belgian Amer7.0Belgium
DuboisoinBush AmbreImperial Amber Ale12Belgium
Black SheepBlack Sheep Path makerAmerican Pale Ale5.6Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep Glug m GlugCascadian Pale Ale6.2Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep Imperial Russian StoutImperial Russian Stout8.5Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep IPAIndia Pale Ale5.1Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep All CreaturesPale Ale4.0Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep AleAmber Ale4.4Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep RiggwelterStrong Dark Brown Ale5.7Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep Monty Python’s Holy Gr(Ale)Golden Ale4.7Yorkshire, UK
Black SheepBlack Sheep ProgressImperial Amber Ale10Yorkshire, UK
RobinsonsRobinsons TrooperPale Ale4.7UK
RobinsonsRobinsons Old Tom OriginalStrong Dar Ale8.5UK
RobinsonsRobinsons Old Tom With ChocolateChocolate Dark Ale6.0UK
RobinsonsRobinsons Trooper Red & BlackStrong Red AleUK
RobinsonsRobinsons Old Tom With GingerGinger Dark Ale6.0
SaltaireTriple ChocoholicChocolate Stout4.8Yorkshire, UK
SaltaireCascade Pale AlePale Ale4.8Yorkshire, UK
SaltaireSaltaire BlondeBlonde AleYorkshire, UK
Wold TopWold Top BitterYorskhire Bitter3.7Yorkshire, UK
Wold TopWold GoldGolden Ale4.8Yorkshire, UK
Wold TopHeadland RedRed Ale4.3Yorkshire, UK
Wold TopAngler’s RewardPremium Red Ale4.0Yorkshire, UK
Wold TopAgainst The GrainGluten Free Pale Ale4.5
Wold TopScarborough FairIndia Pale Ale6.0Yorkshire, UK
Wold TopMarmalade PorterPorter5.0Yorkshire, UK
Hambleton NightmareStout5.0Yorkshire, UK
Hambleton GFLGluten Free Lager5.2Yorkshire, UK
Hambleton GFAGluten Free Ale4.8Yorkshire, UK
Little ValleyPython IPAIndia Pale Ale / Organic6.0Yorkshire, UK
Little ValleyFair Trade Ginger Pale AleGinger Pale Ale / Organic / Fair Trade4.0Yorkshire, UK
Crafty Dan13 GunsIndia Pale Ale5.5Scotland
HarviestounBitter & TwistedGolden Ale4.2Scotland
HarviestounSchiehallionPilsner Lager4.8Scotland
HarviestounOld Engine OilPorter6.0Scotland
HarviestounOla Dubh 12Cask Aged Imperial Porter8.0Scotland
TempestBrave New WorldIndia Pale Ale7.0Scotland
TempestLong White CloudExtra Pale Ale5.6Scotland
TempestUnforgiven Smokey RedSmoked Red Ale5.4Scotland
TempestRed Eye Flight Mocha PorterPorter with Coffee7.4Scotland
TempestMarmalade On Rye IIPADouble IPA9.0Scotland
De HughyeAverbodeBlonde Abbey Ale7.5Belgium