Saisons & Farmhouse Ale

MONCRIEFF – MOVIES AND BOOZE – FARMHOUSE ALES (SAISONS) Craft has become a term that is used so much that it is in danger of becoming meaningless.  Recently, I saw a major fast-food outlet (think Golden Arches!) presenting in their ads that they were ‘hand-crafting’ their burgers, and I knew that the members of the […]

Beer Cocktails!

MONCRIEFF – MOVIES AND BOOZE BEER COCKTAILS Say the word ‘cocktail’ and people will immediately assume that you are talking about a spirit based drink – often involving fruit juices. Most people drink beers straight without mixing them with anything (the key exception being a shandy – beer and lemonade). A brewery in Belgium – […]

Saturday AM – India Pales Ales

SATURDAY AM – INDIA PALE ALES Introduction – There are many different styles of craft beer.  Of all of these, the style of craft beer that people are most likely to recognise is India Pale Ale or IPA.  IPA’s are the beer of choice for ‘hopheads’ – craft beer drinkers who love the taste of […]