MONCRIEFF – MOVIES AND BOOZE – THE SUNSET OF BEER STYLES? / 17th Nov 2017 Recently, I read a very interesting blog post entitled “The Growing Irrelevance of Beer Styles”. Some would argue that this blog post should be filed with the various blog posts that would have been variously titles “Are There Now Too […]

Movies & Booze – American IPAs

MOVIES AND BOOZE / AMERICAN IPAs / 25th Aug 2017 Often on Movies and Booze we do unusual and rare beer styles. It can happen that we sometimes inadvertently side-step the most popular craft beer styles in our quest for something different. We are rectifying this today by selecting two beers from America (and probably […]

Beer Floats

SATURDAY AM – BEER FLOATS Introduction – Into the summer months, there is nothing like a beer to cool us down when the weather gets a little warmer – except maybe an ice-cream!  To-day, Beer Sommelier Dean McGuinness has brought in some fresh and fruity beers for us to taste – with a twist.  As […]