Premium Beer & Wine Importers / Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland
Ph: +353 (0) 44 93 75312 / 44 93 75572

Supplying Pubs, Clubs,
Style-Bars, Restaurants and
Off-Licences Nationwide.

We know beer. And we know that interest in Premium Beer and Craft Beer is growing, making this the most succesful category in the drinks market today.

And we know why. Its not something we've discovered recently, in fact, we've known this for over 25 years. So if you would like to see why consumers are becoming tired of a pint of 'plain ordinary', why not give us a call and allow us to share our thoughts with you.

We have over one hundred beers to choose from and draught options too, to tailer-make a menu that reflects you and your customers' needs.

For a more detailed look at our beers,


For a detailed list of tasting notes and information on our Premium Beer Range please visit Beer Heaven.

Dean McGuinness

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Dean McGuinness, Brewer. Beer Importer. Beer Lover. Sent by Beer Heaven to expound on the wonderful World of Beer.

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