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into Profit - Ireland's Premier Beer Experts, Wine Merchants
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Premier International is a family owned Irish company with a long standing tradition in the
drinks industry and has been importing and supplying premium beers to Ireland for over twenty-five years - we are even the first company in the world to have imported beer from Russia after the fall of the Iron Curtain. In Ireland, we are proud to import a wider range of the best beers from every continent in the world than any other drinks importer. And we achieve this with the support of a nationwide delivery service and a focused sales team dedicated to helping you enhance your business and achieve a successful and loyal customer base.

We also have a long history as a Traditional Wholesaler and act as a one-stop-shop for all your Trade needs, from classic alcohol brands, mixers, water and soft-drinks, and in recent years, our new Wine Portfolio, with a list of carefully selected vineyards and a range that offers quality and diversity throughout.

So in these changing and challenging times, allow our wealth of experience at Premier International to guide your business through an ever evolving drinks market and enhance your consumer menu with a listing that offers diversity, value and wide ranging quality.


For a detailed list of tasting notes and information on our Premium Beer Range please visit Beer Heaven.

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